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Ng Chung Hang Jerry (Level 7) | Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division
I have been using Fun n’ Friends for four years already. It has helped me a lot with my studies. The exercises are fun, interesting and useful for us to learn English. Through doing the exercises, I have learnt lots of difficult vocabulary and improved my listening skills. This programme has been a great help to my studies and I highly recommend others to try it.
Tang Wing Him (Level 6) | Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division
Fun n’ Friends is a casual but effective programme enhancing my English in a funny manner. There are many good videos and I like iCarly and SpongeBob the most. It is great!
Wan Hou (Level 5) | Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division
“Fun n’ Friends” is both fun and challenging and we enjoy it very much. It allows us to redo questions when we get the wrong answers. This means we can learn from our mistakes. We like the idea of having a second chance to correct our mistakes because this makes us less anxious even when we get the wrong answers. We enjoy watching the cartoons and reading the variety of articles in “Fun n’ Friends” too.
Wan Qin Michelle Joy (Level 4) | Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)
“Fun n’ Friends” is just like a close friend of ours as we see each other regularly and it always makes us laugh. Thanks to all those who have contributed to preparing this wonderful website!
Cheung Hau Lam Jady (Level 4) | Sacred Heart Canossian School Private Section
I love doing Fun n’ Friends exercises because I can use my scores to buy my favourite ocean creatures on-line. My aquarium is now filled up with 3 beautiful fish, 2 jellyfish, a crab, a starfish and a jellyfish etc. As their owner, I am proud of keeping them attractive, colourful and energetic. That’s fantastic! Thank you for providing me with this interesting learning platform.
Phyllis Chung Pui Ka (Level 2) | PLK Luk Hing Too Primary School
I enjoy studying through "Fun n’ Friends". I can learn many things from the on-line exercises. It can also improve my English standard. I also like the characters, Nat Nat and Ling Ling. They are very cute and funny!
Let's do Fun n’ Friends together and learn more!
Chan Hei Wun Jessie (Level 4) | Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)
I love Fun n’ Friends because it can teach me many things. The aquarium is fun. I love the fishes and want to buy them all, but most of all, I love the games. The games are good, I always play with them. I love the characters too. I hope that everyone will have a good try at Fun n’ Friends.
Lau Michelle (Level 5) | Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)
I enjoyed learning English through the Fun n’ Friends website. I love the episodes from iCarly the most. Things that happened between Carly, Sam and Freddie in their High School days always excited me. I wish I could be a High School student and one of their classmates! Fun n’ Friends also brings me more knowledge about science and geography that I have not got from the school books. It has helped me improve my vocabulary, grammar and listening skills.
Luk Hin Ching Jessie (Level 4) | Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)
After joining this Fun n’ Friends learning activity I learnt a lot as it brushed up my reading, writing, listening and oral techniques. On the whole, my English standard improved gradually through doing various exercises.

For reading, I learnt new vocabulary. For writing, I knew how to spell the words. For listening, I learnt how to pronounce the words. For speaking, I learnt to imitate the accent of the speakers. For games and videos, they serve as exercises and reward for me. I felt relaxed and excited when playing them.

All in all, I have a fruitful experience in joining Fun n’ Friends learning programme. This meaningful activity has further cultivated my interests in learning English. I hope that this activity will continue next year.
Tsui Hiu Nam Thomas (Level 4) | Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division
Hello friends, my name is Thomas Tsui. I have joined Fun n’ Friends for 3 years. I like Fun n’ Friends because it helps me to learn English in an interesting way. I think the new awarding scheme is good because there are some ocean creatures for us to choose from. They are cute and you need to get marks from the lessons to redeem them. I will join the Fun n’ Friends next year.
Cheng Cho Miu Mia (Level 5) | Diocesan Girls' Junior School
Thank you for upgrading my level and sending me wonderful exercises to do! I really learn English from your website! I particularly like the videos you let me watch, the video I like the most is Avatar. It is very exciting and it makes learning English more interesting!
Again, thank you very, very, very, very much!
Tsui Wing Sum Sarah (Level 2) | Sacred Heart Canossian School Private Section
My name is Sarah Tsui. I am in Primary One. I am doing Fun n’ Friends Level Two. I like the cartoon animals very much. They are very cute and funny. I like Dora and Boots the most. I also like the games, like the puzzle and the Scrabble games.

I find some of the exercises are easy and some are hard. I love doing all of them because I can build my own aquarium with my scores. I have redeemed many different kinds of sea animals and some bread too. It is fun!
Wong Chu Hei Jane (Level 3) | Sacred Heart Canossian School Private Section
“Fun n’ Friends” helps me increase my vocabulary, listening skills, reading skills and understanding in English in a funny and easy way. All the characters are cute and lovely. I love Kai-lan the most. I enjoy every lesson and I love to watch the video clips again and again! I will surely join this programme again in the next school year.
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