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Friends Club?

Dedicated to putting the fun back into learning, we have collaborated with educators from Stanford, Harvard and Oxford and with animators from Nickelodeon to bring you a host of stories and adventures.

Aligned with the curriculum, children can read books at a level appropriate to them and have the chance to practise all their skills: reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening.

We have also incorporated some important morals and values. We nurture the whole child, not just the part that needs to learn English.

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Why Join The
BookClub Adventure?

Reading plays a very important role in second language learning. It helps young learners build the basic foundations for learning the English language. It opens up the imagination and creates new possibilities

Stories help our children to relate to and understand the world around us. Reading teaches us to empathise with others and enhances our character

We hope through reading, our children will discover the light that comes with us on life's journey.